Online Pawn Shop Malaysia

Online Pawn Shop

At our online pawn shop – Pawn Express, we only accept gold for our pawn service. We accept all forms of gold jewelry in 24K, 23K, 22K, 18K, 9K, 999, 916, 835, 750, 585, 375 or any other types of gold. Once you have submitted the details online, we will come to you and do the examination for your gold jewelry. If some of your gold jewelry have been broken into parts or incomplete pieces, do not worry we will not discriminate it and we will still accept it.

We believe there is no reason why it should be so difficult and long waiting approval for our customers to apply a loan especially during their tough times. This is why Pawn Express are dedicated to make it easier for our customer to get a loan and pay it back to retrieve their valuable items.

We offer a pledge period up to 6 months for all the pawned gold, and we allow our customer to extend upon renewing the pawn ticket from us. Our objective is to provide as much liquidity as possible and offer financing rates up to 85% for all our customers. Pawn Express ensures to give our customer the best and highest rate for every pawn items.

How It Works

Not sure how our online pawn service works? Don’t worry, just a few clicks and we are on the way to you! Check the guidance below and follow step by step.

Step 1 – 0% Appraisal Fee

We provide our customer hassle free pawning experience. Just fill in your item details in appraisal form and upload pictures of the item. Just done by a few clicks and it’s free! Once we received your submission, we will email/SMS to follow up with you

Step 2 – Get Your Money ASAP

We will come to pick up the item from you, shipping and insurance cost is all on us! Appraisal process begins when item safely arrived at our shop. After appraisal, we will notify you the final offer. Once you accept it, we will transfer the money into your bank account within 24 hours after verification.

Step 3 – Redemption

Ready to redeem back your valuables? We love our customers to get back their valuables! You can redeem it through online or you may give us a call, we will do the rest for you. Just simply pay the loan amount within the loan period, we are glad to ship back your valuables to you without any extra cost!

What We Accept