Pawn Express by Pajak Gadai Kenanga Sdn Bhd is the first licensed online pawn shop in Malaysia which accept gold coins. We have more than 7 years’ experience in the market. If you’re looking for quick cash, a local pawnbroker like Pawn Express might be one of the first places you consider. You can get a loan with your gold coins.  At Pawn Express, we accept all forms of gold jewellery in 24K, 23K, 22K, 18K, 9K, 999, 916, 835, 750, 585, 375 or any other types of gold. We provide fast online pawn service and aim to help our customers meet their short-term financial needs.

Gold coin is always a good investment as it holds its value as in the market. Gold coin and be sold at any point of time and you can get full value of the coin as per market value. Even if the coin isn’t in really good condition, but it is still made out of primarily silver or gold, a pawn shop will likely still have interest in it. As long as the coin is in respectable condition and made out of a precious metal, the pawn shop will almost always have a set rate for those coins. Do not clean or polish the coin before you take it into the pawn shop. That can adversely affect the value of the coin as coin collectibles prefer coins that are in ‘original’ condition.

Pawning your gold coins through online platform is really convenient especially when you do not have the free time to leave your office or home to pawn your item. What more travelling is always a headache when the traffic is bad. At Pawn Express online pawn shop, we come to you! Once you have submitted your details online, we will come to you and do the examination for your gold coins. You can now pawn your gold coins online with ease, wherever you are, wherever you want!

Pawn Express also offers high pawn value with low interest. We are proud of our unbeatable prices when pawning your gold coins. Pawn Express online pawn shop offering high pawning prices on gold coins; up to 90% of market value for gold. We also provide fast cash loans at a very low interest rate. We offer a pledge period up to 6 months for all the pawned gold coins, and we allow our customer to extend upon renewing the pawn ticket from us. Customer may redeem back their valuables through online or outlets, just have to pay off a sum of interest. Interest payable is counted based on a monthly basis on the amount that loaned out. Just give us a call or SMS us for redemption request.

Pawn Express not only improved on the waiting time and customer service, we also strike to upgrade our security technology to protect all the valuables of our customers. At Pawn Express, customers don’t have to pay for extra insurance for their valuables. All the valuables are fully covered by us during the loan period.  Whether you want to take out a pawn loan or sell a valuable (eg: gold coins), online pawn shop service by Pawn Express can help you get the extra cash you need. Pawn your gold coins today at Pawn Express online pawn shop!

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