Cash Loans

Cash Loans

Pawn Express online pawn shop Malaysia offer pawn shop loans online and pawn shop cash loans by pawning your gold valuables. We accept pawning service for gold jewelry in order to exchange with cash loans, we offer reasonable loan amount according to your gold jewelry market value. Pawn Express offers the lowest rate in town and we ensure the approval process is quick and hassle free. Our financial specialist will work out a flexible repayment plan for you and make sure that the amount will not burden you.


Pawn Express financial specialist will identify your current financial problems and provide you the most effective solutions. Besides that, we will also provide a flexible scheme based on your current financial situation to ease you on the monthly repayment amount with no hidden cost for consultation fee. Pawn Express online pawn shop will process your application as quickly as we can and notify you immediately once it has been approved. Your cash loan amount will automatically deposited into your bank account, it only takes minutes to apply!


Pawn shop loans online or pawn shop cash loan might be the right choice for you if you want to fund a big expenses and get quick approval. Pawn Express online cash loans come with lower interest rate compare to credit cards or bank, so our cash loans can actually can help you save thousand on unwanted interest payment. A cash loan normally has a shorter repayment period than the other type of loans. It can solve your short-term cash needs or debts. Pawn Express goal is to customize solutions to best suit our customer financial needs and we are willing to accept extend loans upon renewing the pawn ticket.


Pawn Express online pawn shop are here to help our customers with their financial needs, whether is big or small amount. As a leading licensed online pawn shop in Malaysia, Pawn Express believe it is important to offer a wide range of services and solutions for our customers. We understand everyone has different monetary needs and emergencies. Pawn Express has been in the market for many years, we fully understand the anxiety of customers when they are waiting their loan to be approved and the frustration of studying the loan package. Pawn Express online pawn shop simple yet flexible cash loans package is definitely the best choice for our customer that looking for short term cash.


At Pawn Express, customers do not need any guarantor or processing fee in order to get a loan. Do not worry if you are being blacklisted or bankrupt, we will help you through the application process. We are also welcome our customer to do early settlement to get back their gold valuables, we did not charge any penalty fee. Pawn Express are trustworthy and professional, we promise to keep our entire customer personal information in confidential, feel confident with us and leave your financial problem to us. Let us help you tide through your rough time and take control on your financial now! Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority.

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