Loan Period

Pawn Express online pawn shop in Malaysia offer pawn shop loans online. Pawn Express offer a pledge period up to 6 months for all the pawned gold valuables. We accept pawning for all forms of gold valuables. Are you worrying how long Pawn Express loan period? Each pawn ticket is effective on the date which customer accepts the final offer for their pawn item. At Pawn Express, we allow our customer to extend their loan period upon renewing the pawn ticket from us.

By extend the loan period, we provide more flexible time for our customer to redeem back their gold valuables. Pawn Express keep the pawned items for another 6 months on top of the pawn ticket period before we send it to auction. This allows our customers to have more time allowance to redeem back their valuables when their financial are stabilize. Most people who would like to have quick cash with shorter loan period will rely on our pawn shop. The whole process of getting your cash is quick and hassle-free. You won’t have to go through the long approval time, filling and submitting lots of documents in order to get the loan. It can solve your short-term cash needs or debts. You just have to submit the pledge items details online and we will send someone over to examine and collect it.

Many customers often forgot about their pawned item due to their daily busy schedule. To make sure our customers will not get shock when the pawn ticket expired, we do send out text messages to remind and notify our customers upon the expiry of the pawn tickets. We always welcome our customer to redeem back their gold jewelry, this is why 90% of our customer are happily to redeem back their gold valuables without fail.

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