Safe Company

Pawn Express – Pawn Shop License (Pajak Gadai Emas Berlesen) assured that all your valuables are stored 100% securely in a vault with world class safe. In order to equip our pawn shop with a level of security needed to prevent robberies, high quality safe is a must. Pawn Express is using MOEM as their safe company. We only choose the best among all, make sure the quality meet our requirement.

MOEM specialize in manufacturing various types of physical security equipment like safe, and others. Their products are used throughout various industries like bank, pawn shop, money changer, security company, retail or home. Their safe is built to protect valuables against burglary and fire. We assured all valuables are stored securely. MOEM Company starts with fabricating simple steel based products since 1961. They are extremely aware of creating quality and sustainable product. It has been benchmarks for wellbeing and security.

When it comes with protecting our customer valuables, we choose a safe that is secure and reliable. Pawn Express safe are specially designed to repel armed robbery threats and fire protection. The high and finest security safes are a great way to provide world class security for our customer valuables. Besides that, our rooms are all covered with top notch CCTV for 24/7. If anything happen in our pawn shop, our CMS system PRISM will immediately report to us.

To equip our pawn shop with a level of security to prevent smash and grab robberies, physical security gates is a must. This security gates put a physical barrier between criminals and our property. When criminals see our security gates, they will know it would be difficult for them to break into our pawn shop. It will take longer time and more complicated for them to break in, this will increase their risk of being caught. For this reason, Pawn Express can avoid many unwanted incident happen to our physical shop.

At Pawn Express online pawn shop, our customer privacy is our main concern. Our online pawn shop site is fully secure with SSL and anti-virus to prevent hacking by virus or hacker. Pawn Express online pawn shop with user friendly interface will guide you clearly on how to pawn your gold valuables through online. Customers can enjoy the flexible and quick online pawning service at Pawn Express without any hesitation.

At Pawn Express, it is a place where your gold valuables are safely stored until you come back to redeem it. Some customers even take this security advantage and insurance at Pawn Express by using the pawn loan to keep their gold valuables safe when they are out of town. From this you can know storing your gold valuables at pawn shop can be safer than storing them at home. By investing in high quality world class safe at our pawn shop, you can be confident that your gold valuables will be taken care of for as long as we own the safe.